Ironically, the reasons for my signing up for a Planet Fitness Membership in the first place have nothing to do with wanting a place to work out. It’s a pretty long story but I can tell the short and concise version for anyone who might give a single hoot. Planet Fitness memberships are quite cheap for the value that they give you. I promise you that I wasn’t paid to say that (lol), I’m not important enough for that. If you were living out of your car, for example, you’d have a great place to shower, shave, change, brush your teeth, etc. That’s what I’m currently doing at the moment.

In the past, I’ve carried myself around with a pretty chiseled body, as told to me by my mother. It’s not as if I’m against getting sweaty in the gym or anything. In addition to using all of the amenities that my Planet Fitness membership offers, I picked up the weights again as well, because why not (saying I let myself go is an understatement).

ANYWAYS, I headed over to the nearest Planet Fitness in order to sign up for a membership and walked up to the counter saying ‘I wanna buy membership’. The boy at the counter told me that they have an app and that it’s easier to sign up that way. I took his word for it and whipped out my $50 Bestbuy “smartphone” to download the app. It took me about 30 minutes to do all of that because my phone storage space was full and taking 14 minutes to open the app. $25 later, I had my Planet Fitness Black Card Membership. This gives you access to everything that they offer: showers, lockers, and sauna, bring a guest, and use your membership at all locations.

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After deciding that today I was just going to do a full-body workout to get back into the swing of things, I started using the trusty ole chest press machine. The establishment has anti-judgemental text posted up on their walls such as “you belong”, and “no judgment”. This could be a nice touch for some people. They have a large “lunk alarm” attached to the wall above the dumbbells. Also, the place is very purple. Each Planet Fitness has one water fountain between the male and female locker rooms which I found very quickly. The place was about 93% packed. Not all Planet Fitness’ are the same, though, as I’ll talk more about in the next sections.

If you remember reading the beginning of this post, I mentioned something about living in a car. I’m a nomadic car-camper, there I’ve visited Planet Fitnesses at dozens of locations. Not all Planet Fitness are the same. That is one fact that I’ve learned after traveling around. For example, the showers have been fantastic at 90% of the locations that I go to. But, my most recent one and a couple before that did not have hot water in the showers. Each time I have the misfortune of discovering this, I take a freezing cold shower and it takes a couple of years off my life. Some locations only have 3 showers, which is sometimes 2 when one of them is “closed for maintenance”; some have 4 showers as well. Not all of them are open 24/7, some close at 10 p.m. and some are 24/5.

Being a night person, I absolutely love that some of the Planet Fitness locations are open 24/7. I can bring in my girlfriend as a guest because I have the black card membership. They have showers with changing stalls for each shower. Only $25 a month ($49 yearly fee). A great amount of machines, some have more than others even the bad ones aren’t that bad. You can opt to purchase the basic $10 membership and use all of the machines, but you won’t be able to visit multiple locations, use the tanning machines, or bring a guest. There’s been nothing that makes me reconsider my Planet Fitness membership and I’d recommend it. Thank you for reading!

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