The title of this article sounds great, doesn’t it? But what exactly does it mean when I say pretty words like, “a faster way to fat loss”? It means that we’ll be looking at a couple different methods you can use to tackle your fat loss journey a bit faster relative to the most common recommendations that you see in 90% of the content on the internet and real life. Is the internet real life? Cough sorry, I’m in a philosophy college class at 30 years of age forgive me.

Introduction to Faster Way to Fat Loss

When I say common fat loss methods I’m not implying that we won’t be utilizing these methods in some form or the other. Most weight loss advice that you’ll read or hear WILL drop your body fat percentage over a period of time. But what we’re looking at today is how we can speed up the process of fat loss and burn fat fast (or faster than with the typical plan of action). Two years ago you looked your significant other dead in the eyes with a straight face and said, “honey, if I ever get too big you have to tell me”. Well, today your wife hinted that you guys go for a drive to the waterbed store in order to start accommodating your whale self better. Hopefully she would have more tact than that, but now you’re on a mission to look like your past self for your wife, and fast. Or maybe you have a deadline to lose all of those extra pounds you’ve been gaining because you have to star as the next Thor in a Marvel movie.

We often hear that calorie counting is the most important thing for losing weight loss itself. It is the most important thing for losing weight. Calories in calories out, calories out meaning how many calories our bodies burn over the course of one full day. We’re looking to lose mostly fat, rather than an overall reduction in body weight. We would ideally retain as much muscle as possible. Depending on your current figure, you might even gain weight after utilizing these my advice because you’ve gained muscle. Because I’m going to recommend an exercise plan that you can adhere to.

In order to “target” fat loss over anything else, we MUST know how many calories we are intaking each and every day. I do not recommend getting one of those fancy phone apps to do this unless that’s just how you operate. It’s a lot of work and we’re trying to stay lazy here. Just kidding lol, but I just make a mental note of how many calories I just consumed in that one meal. Using a pen and paper is what I used to do until I just learned to memorize everything. If you’re serious about a faster way to fat loss, we won’t even have very many food items to keep track of throughout the day anyway.

Intermittent Fasting 101

Intermittent fasting is the act of only eating during a certain window of the day. There are different levels of difficulty of which to choose from.

However, the goal of intermittent fasting is not solely weight loss. Additionally, it may result in significant muscle gains. This is due to the fact that, according to Dr. Kennedy, fasting can also help “increase human growth hormone (HGH), sometimes as much as three times normal levels.” By promoting growth, body composition, cell repair, and metabolism, HGH naturally promotes fat loss and muscle gain in your body.

Your results will generally be more extreme if you follow a more strict intermittent fasting regimen such as a 20/4, which is when you eat during just four hours out of the day and you abstain from eating for the other twenty hour. This is one of the more depressing and stomach rumbling fasting approaches, I’ve done it for a stint. Now I prefer 18/6 and I’ve been comfortably on this intermittent fast for about a year now. You may want to start with a 16/8 fast as it produces the benefits of intermittent fasting while also allowing you to avoid becoming a hangry grouch. Read on as I breakdown the benefits of intermittent fasting into sections such as weight loss and metabolism.

Fasting – Weight Loss

As aforementioned, intermittent fasting shortens the time that you’re able to stuff your face throughout the day while sometimes eating fewer meals and therefore reducing your overall calories consumed in the day. But intermittent fasting has hormonal and metabolic effects in addition to reducing calories. Fasting can lower insulin levels and increase growth hormone levels, which increases the release of the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine, which improves metabolism and leads to a daily calorie deficit necessary for weight loss goals”, explains Dr. Mona Kennedy. a primary care physician and obesity specialist at Forward’s San Francisco clinic. This means that just because you have less time in the day to get your calories in and have a positive hormonal and metabolic effects, doesn’t mean you can eat hot cheetos and cheesecake all of the time, sorry! God I absolutely love cheesecake though. Replacing overeating with a balanced diet is the only way to ensure that occasional weight loss does not disappear.

Fasting – Muscle Gains

The goal of intermittent fasting is no simply just for weight loss. It may result in significant muscle gains, it has for me in the past. This is due to the fact that, according to Dr. Kennedy, fasting can also help “increase human growth hormone (HGH), and sometimes as much as three times normal levels.” By promoting growth, body composition, cell repair, and metabolism, HGH naturally promotes fat loss and muscle gain in your body. Go to Walmart, the gains store, wherever they sell protein powder, and get yourself a jug of it today. This will be a huge asset to use alongside your intermittent fasting journey. That’s a great segway to the next section of this article.

High Protein Diet

Getting enough protein in your diet means that when you start eating at a calorie deficit, you will still retain most of the muscle mass that you have while you lose weight. This means that after you lose weight you won’t be “skinny fat” as some might call it. Having muscle mass is also an important factor in burning fat as well. Your body becomes better at using fat stores when you’ve got muscles. When you eat protein you will also feel fuller for much longer than if you were to eat a carbohydrate and fat heavy diet. And less calories like we’ve talked about will make your wife happier. It is recommended that you eat your body weight converted to grams as the amount of your daily protein. So if I weigh 192 lbs. I should be scrounging up that many grams of protein.

Exercise Plan Specific to Fat Loss

Not all exercise plans are created equal. You give two of the same exact people two different workout routines and after 3 months you’ll have two completely different humans. For example, give someone a 5×5 workout for the gym, and they’ll swell up like the hulk in a few months. Well, that’s a bit extreme, but they’ll gain muscle mass and get big rather than lean.

I want you to start jogging 1 mile, 4 times a week, for 2 weeks. Then up that to 2 miles a day, 4 times a week, for 2 weeks. Once completed, run a 5k every day, except the weekends, or whichever 2 days you prefer to rest. We will also hit the weights for a workout which has a fat loss and muscle building combination, if you have access to a gym. I do recommend Planet Fitness for its affordablilty. I have personally completed several rounds of this workout plan from this website and it has done me right.

Bundle of Useful Tips for Faster Fat Loss

Acquire a standing chair to use during the day if you sit for long periods of time. This can burn up to 100 calories for you daily. Walk to the store if it’s nearby, and just always move when you otherwise wouldn’t. Instead of asking your son to throw you the remote, make the long journey across the living room to get it yourself. Sleep more! Sleep is absolutely essential for weight loss. I’m not talking measly 6 hours, sleep for 7.5 to 8.5 hours a night. Eat healthy fats and DO NOT drink soda or alcohol, please. Diet soda is okay to enjoy up to twice a week. Especially no alcohol, I have a lot to say about alcohol but that is a long story for another day.

Please comment your thoughts on my faster way to fat loss. You will lose the fat and retain your former glory soon!

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